Cancellation & Refund Policy

7 day money back guarantee

All new customers are entitled to our 7 day money back guarantee (conditions apply). You may only ask for a refund once every 6 months.

If an account is terminated within the first 7 days of the original purchase:

1. A refund will be issued to the amount paid minus the first week of service (prorated).

2. If more than 100GB up to 500GB of data has been used, a charge of 1 Euro will be applied.

3. If more than 500GB up to 1TB of data has been used, a charge of 2 Euro will be applied.

4. If you have used over 1TB data, no refund will be issued for any reason (fair use).

For the best resolution of a refund, all clients must use our customer support ticketing system, otherwise, no request will be processed.

A seedbox is terminated as soon as the request has been processed.

Please note, Coinpayments (cryptocurrencies) can not be refunded for any reason as it is not supported by the payment processor.

Cancelling a seedbox

Outside of the 7 day window, a seedbox can be cancelled by clicking the "cancel" button on the user dashboard. Consequently, the seedbox will be closed at the end of the billing period.